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General Terms and Conditions

Rights and obligations according to the Accommodation Agreement of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)

As all business transactions, a hotel room reservation is based on regulations. The customer’s request and the confirmation of the room reservation by the hotel establishes a contract relationship (Accommodation agreement) between both parties. As with all contracts, it may only be cancelled upon agreement of both parties. As a result, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The accommodation agreement is concluded upon the confirmation of the customer´s reservation by the hotel and also if a room was provided for the customer without written confirmation due to short notice.
  2. This agreement means that the contracting parties are obliged to fulfil their part of the agreement regardless of the duration of the agreement.
  3. The company providing the accommodation (landlord) is obliged to pay compensation to the guest if the room booked is not available.
  4. In the event of non-utilisation of booked accommodation, the guest must pay the agreed price for accommodation and services, less the outlay that the landlord saves due to the absence of the guest.
  5. The savings normally amount to 10% per overnight stay with breakfast.
  6. The hotel is bound to act in good faith and to rent unused rooms otherwise, if possible, in order to avoid losses.
  7. Until the accommodation is re-rented, the guest shall be liable for the cost as stated in section 4 above for the time period of the contract.
  8. The place of jurisdiction is the operating location of Munich.

To avoid cancellation fees we highly recommend a travel cancellation insurance for all our guests.

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