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Single Room Comfort
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Queen Size-Bed Comfort
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Double Room Comfort
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Three Bed Room Comfort
Four Bed Room

Rooms & Amenities

We only offer non-smoking rooms. Smoking is prohibited throughout the complete hotel.
Please also respect this on open windows and in the bathrooms.
Out of consideration for other guests, we charge high special cleaning fees in the event of infringement.

Wireless internet is provided by ‘The Cloud’ and available in the entire building.

Our comfortable and top-quality en-suite rooms are fully equipped with:

  • direct dial telephone, satellite TV, 100% blackout curtains as well as noise and heat insulation windows
  • flat-screen TVs with a wide selection of international channels. The TVs also provide radio broadcast and could be used as an additional screen for your laptop (monitor cable required).
  • shower/(a few) bathtub (please indicate your preference), toilet, hair-dryer and other amenities are available in all bathrooms
  • high-quality soundproofing doors


Please note that our ROOMS ARE NOT AIR-CONDITIONED, but provide large, fully-openable windows.


We distinguish between the ‘Standard’ (1st-3rd Floor) and ‘Comfort’ category (4th & 5th floor).

Standard category: These rooms have hard floors (nonallergenic) with a natural wooden look and functional furnishing.

Comfort category: The ‘comfort’ category rooms are equipped with additional amenities:

  • homely carpet floors
  • boxspring beds
  • bigger 28″-LED-TV
  • safes with PIN code operation
  • table-fans
  • minibar
  • other pleasant details, such as additional sockets in the work area …

The high-end ‘comfort’ bathrooms on the 4th & 5th floors were additionally lovingly designed with much care for details:

  • comfortable head- and hand shower or bathtub
  • high-performance hair dryer
  • illuminated cosmetic mirror
  • full-length mirror
  • additional hygiene & cosmetics items
  • high-quality designer materials throughout the bathroom


We guarantee you the best rates when booking directly on our homepage.

 Orientation prices (in Euro) from …
Max. persons Standard Comfort
 Single room 1 85,00 95,00
 Queen size-bed room 1 / 2 90,00 / 100,00 95,00 / 110,00
 Double/Twin-bed room 2 105,00 115,00
 Three-bed room 3 125,00 135,00
 Four-bed room 4 145,00


These rates do not apply during trade fairs / big events and the Oktoberfest.

The above rates are orientation prices only and are to be understood per room / per night. Our rich breakfast buffet and VAT are always included.

Please check our online booking for suitable offers for the period of your stay. You will find online discounts here – kindly note that these offers only apply when booking online.

Please reflect: NO online-provider/travel agency – even the supposed independent rating platforms – offers any service for free; at least it’s always you as guest paying the bill. So it’s always worth having a view at the hotel-owned webpage.
Price comparison websites only display provider who pay for it; so it is not ensured that the objective really most favourable price is offered to you there. You can’t be sure to get independent information there.
For our house you get the best prices always only through our own website – that’s what we promise you.

If you are unable to book a certain room category through our online booking system, please contact the hotel for assistance and booking.

To avoid cancellation fees we strongly recommend a travel cancellation insurance for all our guests.
Please note:
After expiry of the free cancellation period, also health reasons or any kind of force majeure do not represent reasons for extraordinary cancellation.

wifi icon

Wireless Internet

We offer two internet-options (operated by The Cloud):

Basic-Internet (1.5 Mbit/s, no streaming, VPN, etc.): for free.

High-speed access for professional and data-intensive use (up to 15 Mbit/s per device):
€ 4.- for 120 min.  |  € 7.- for 24 hours  |  € 13.- for 48 hours etc.
Please ask for special rates during longer booking periods.

Why not completely free?

The bandwidth requirement has increased enormously in recent years. In order to handle this, generously dimensioned broadband cables are required in a professional environment. The costs are not nearly comparable to those of a private internet connection.
We could put these costs on all the guests, but we do not consider this to be fair – the majority comes well with the offered basic service. Therefore, we do not want to let everyone pay for the needs of some.

Parking – the lower, the better …

In our small underground car park with a duplex parking system you can accommodate your car for €15,- or 20,- (excess height)/night until 2:00 p.m. The parking space is limited and the availability also depends on the dimensions of your vehicle (the flatter, the better) and your maneuverability. With SUVs it’s quickly getting closer; Classical cars up to max. 1.45 m height and flat sloping rear (usually no station wagons) have significant better chances.
Because of that binding reservation unfortunately is not possible/useful.

The parking entrance can be accessed via a car elevator (max. length 5 m, max. height 2 m, max. width 2.10 m).
Good shunting skills are obligatory. Parking assistance is available at no extra charge. 😉  Say, we always assist you when parking.