Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich
Location and Info, Hotel Antares, Munich

Located in the heart of Munich:


Central location in Munich’s city-center between the ‘Altstadt’ and the artists’ district Schwabing in Munich’s museum and university quarter.

Parking – the lower, the better …

In our small underground car park with a duplex parking system you can accommodate your car for €15,- or 20,- (excess height)/night until 2:00 p.m. The parking space is limited and the availability also depends on the dimensions of your vehicle (the flatter, the better) and your maneuverability. With SUVs it’s quickly getting closer; Classical cars up to max. 1.45 m height and flat sloping rear (usually no station wagons) have significant better chances.
Because of that binding reservation unfortunately is not possible/useful.

The parking entrance can be accessed via a car elevator (max. length 5 m, max. height 2 m, max. width 2.10 m).
Good shunting skills are obligatory. Parking assistance is available at no extra charge. 😉  Say, we always assist you when parking.

Reviews, booking portals, etc. – a wide field …

Dear guests, we are always open to constructive criticism; It is the benchmark for our ongoing efforts to become a little better.
At the same time, we regret the tendencies of not expressing criticism face to face, but to turn to the general public as a first step, especially if this is done anonymously.
Please give us the opportunity to meet your needs in a personal talk and to provide the best possible solutions for any problems. This helps all of us best. Of course a later evaluation remains unaffected.

We are not against online reviews; We are well aware of the fact that in their relevance they partly leave conventional classification models behind them in the meantime.
We just ask for fairness, sincerity, correctness. In this spirit, even a rating that we do not like can be a good / helpful one – in any case it is taken seriously. And, of course, we are very happy about good reviews!

We do not recommend a specific evaluation platform as all pursue their own (economic) interests. Often there is a lack of transparency when objectivity is simulated to the user, but it is actually dependent on commissions. Furthermore, most portals censor the comments of the hotels, if they are contrary to their interests.
We do not consider such practices to be honest and in the interests of our guests.

Furthermore, the online booking platforms use their own restrictive agendas when presenting hotels. Individual attention to specifics of each hotel is often not possible / wanted. This applies especially for ‘negative’ references to amenities that we unfortunately can not offer. However, we think that this is important in the sense of a sincere advance information of the guests.
Therefore, we can only assume responsibility for information on our own website and therefore recommend our guests to finally inform themselves on our (this) website.

So be always critical and do not let yourself be blinded by beautiful commercials … 😉

Sightseeing – just around the corner

The art district Munich – located between the historic center and the popular trendy neighbourhood of Schwabing, the quietly situated Hotel ANTARES in the district Maxvorstadt is the ideal vantage point for getting acquainted with the city-center. There are new things to explore in every direction.

Set off on a journey of discovery!


Museum Brandhorst

Museum Brandhorst

The Brandhorst museum in the Kunstareal (“art district”) of Munich’s Maxvorstadt houses the collection of Udo and Anette Brandhorst for modern and contemporary art.




Munich Maxvorstadt has been a top address for art lovers since 1836. The ‘Alte Pinakothek’ exhibits art dating from the middle ages to the 18th century. The ‘Neue Pinakothek’ showcases masterpieces from the 19th and the early 20th century. And the ‘Pinakothek der Moderne’ is home to classical modernists and contemporary art.


English Garden

English Garden

The Englischer Garten (German for ‘English Garden’) is one of the world’s largest urban public parks. Discover many (almost) magical spots in its vast landscape.


Helpful links for sightseeing:

Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (Munich’s public transportation service)

Munich’s official information portal: Sights and sightseeing

New bathrooms for the standard category

In spring 2016 with great efforts and against original plans the baths of all three standard category floors were renovated.So you can now look forward to modern sanitary standards throughout the weiterlesen...