New hotel entrance

The ANTARES Hotel Munich in the museum/Pinakothek/art- and university-district

Dear guests.

The restrictions of the years 2020/21 lie behind us; But because of those all of us we are now fighting with the follow-up challenges:
Our entire industry suffers from a massive lack of employees; With great efforts and admirable commitment from all of our remaining colleagues, we manage to maintain the usual scope of service. However, we ask for leniency and understanding if currently we cannot guarantee additional services – such as e. g. an earlier check-in. Please note the specified time windows.

If you do not need a daily room cleaning, you not only make a valuable contribution to sustainability & resource conservation, but of course also relieve our housekeeping team.

Please note: After expiry of the free cancellation period, also health reasons do not represent reasons for extraordinary cancellation.
We strongly recommend you take out a travel cancellation insurance!

We are looking forward to all our guests, who, after the restrictions of the years 2020/21, appreciate being able to travel and enjoy without restrictions again! We now value what we may have previously taken for granted.
Nevertheless, many changes will remain – the world never turns backwards … 😉

Your Antares-Team (Last Update: January 1st; 2023)


intensive refurbishment measures at the beginning of 2016 the Antares hotel Munich welcomes you with a contemporary and high quality design. Especially at the Entrée, our architect team did a great job.

The new environment supports us unobtrusively and beneficially in our hospitable passion, which we would like to share with you. Come in and enjoy.

Nevertheless, we stay ‘small but nice’. We have to get along with the available space in our excellent downtown location; Due to the surrounding property, growth or expansion unfortunately is not possible in any direction.
However, that is it not yet
– in the coming years we will continue to work on improving the comfort of our guests.
Constructive suggestions are always welcome.

You want the best value for money?
Book directly with us for best rates and conditions – only here. You will not find a better price anywhere else – promised. Just compare …

We look forward to you!
Sincerely, your ANTARES Hotel Munich-team

ANTARES Hotel Munich – located in the heart of the city:

Lageplan Hotel ANTARES

Hotel ANTARES is located in a quiet area in the center of Munich, just at the northern edge of the ‘Altstadt’ – the historic center.

The hotel’s venue is ideal for tourists as well as business travellers.

And guests interested in arts and culture (near many museums, Pinakotheken, theaters, opera) have an excellent vantage point for exploring Munich’s cultural treasures.

New bathrooms for the standard category

In spring 2016 with great efforts and against original plans the baths of all three standard category floors were renovated.So you can now look forward to modern sanitary standards throughout the weiterlesen...

The new face 2016 ...

... more than just a facelift - a completely new appearance. At the beginning of 2016, the hotel was completely closed for 7 weeks (Jan 03rd - Feb 22nd 2016). During this time our lobby and weiterlesen...

Soundproof room doors for the comfort category

Since early June 2015, the 5th floor and thus the entire comfort category (4th/5th floor) is now equipped with new noise and smoke insulating doors. In spring 2016, the project was completed weiterlesen...

Luxury-Bathrooms for the 4th floor

After more than 5 weeks construction time in February/March 2015 also the 4th floor comes up with exclusive comfort-bathrooms. In one double- and one three-bed room there is a bathtub again, the weiterlesen...

New signboard

The most obvious change of our corporate redesign is our hotel sign. Installed in spring 2014, the signboard illuminates our facade with the most up to date LED lighting technology. weiterlesen...